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Algorithm of granting the right to use land in industrial zones

The content of each procedure (action), which is part of the process of granting land use rights to land in the industrial zone:

1) a person interested in obtaining a land plot "for holding an auction (tenders, auctions) of state land rights", which do not require approval of the standard of the state service of the Minister of national economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan "on March 30, 2016, state regulations (Order No. 151 (hereinafter referred to as the" Standard"), prepared and signed by the local Executive body to submit documents in accordance with paragraph 9 of the standard;

2) an employee of the local Executive body shall issue a copy of the application for registration of a package of documents in the office of the authorized person and submit documents for consideration by the Deputy head of the land plot;

3) Deputy akim of the region controls the documents and reports to the structural unit of the local Executive body of the region, district and city of regional significance (hereinafter-land organization);

4) the land organization determines the possibility of using the land plot for the declared purpose and prepares documents for consideration by the Commission established by local Executive bodies (hereinafter-the Commission) in accordance with paragraph 2 of article 43 of the Land code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and prepares the relevant conclusion;

5) in case of the positive conclusion of the Commission the land organization sends documents to the interested person for development of the project of land management (further-the project);

6) project on development of individuals or legal entities interested person "in the field of land relations, geodesy and cartography to the standards of public services responsibilities of the Minister of national economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan" on approval of order No. 272 of 27 March 2015 (state registration of regulatory legal acts No. 11050 Annex 1 of the public service standard "Approval of land management projects on the formation of land plots" mşasına prepared, signed and developed the application in accordance with the "citizens" of the state power for the approval of the Corporation " non-commercial joint stock company (hereinafter State Corporation);

7) the employee of The state Corporation issues a receipt on acceptance of documents to the interested party and sends documents at the location;

8) land organization approves the project, if there are no defects in the project, and submit the order for approval of the project to The state Corporation;

9) the employee of the state Corporation submits the order for approval of the project to the interested party;

10) land administration prepares and submits to the Governor a draft resolution (hereinafter-the resolution) on granting land use right on the basis of the approved project;

11) akim of the region signs the decision and sends it to the local Executive body;

12) the official of the local Executive body registers the decision and makes the copy of the decision in the location;

13) on the basis of the copy of the decision of the land organization prepares, registers and submits to the interested person 2 copies of the relevant contract;

14) the interested person signs the contract and sends one copy of the contract to the lessor;

15) land plot of the state Corporation the interested party of the identity document " for citizens of the relevant documents to the government "of open joint stock company" non-commercial JSC Kyzylorda region - the land cadastre and Department of technical inspection of real estate "(further sends the register of lands) ;

16) the land registry shall prepare and submit to the State Corporation an identity document for the land;

17) the interested person receives the certificate from the state Corporation for the identity document and sends the relevant documents to the judicial authority for state registration through the State Corporation;

18) registers the relevant documents and sends them to The state Corporation;

19) the person concerned shall receive the documents submitted by the state registration to the state Corporation.

On the results of social and economic development Kyzylorda region in January-December of 2017

Industrial production. For january-december of 2017 industrial enterprises of the region produced products for 773.2 billion tenge.

At the same time, there is an increase in the manufacturing industry. Through an increase in the production of light industry, the production of refined products, rubber and plastic products, the metallurgical industry, the growth in the manufacturing industry was provided and the index of physical volume amounted 104.6% (was produced 109.9 billion tenge).

In 2017, within the framework of the second five-year program of industrialization in the region, was planning implemented projects, such as "Construction of a plant for the production and processing of sheet glass in Kyzylorda", "Organization of the technical conversion of molybdenum dioxide powder to molybdenum trioxide."

The construction of a plant for the production and processing of sheet glass (cost - 36.7 billion tenge, capacity - 197.1 thousand tons per year, employment- 226) for the reporting period was construction work on warehouse the finished goods and the workshop, and also work on putting in-house engineering networks. However, to reference financial difficulties, the project’s date was postponed from 2017 to 2018.

According to the organization of the production of the technical conversion of molybdenum dioxide powder to molybdenum trioxide (cost - 871.5 million tenge, capacity - 500 tons per year molybdenum trioxide, 58 jobs), in 2017 was finished probation periode of the first line of technological equipment and was carried procurement works equipment for the second line of the plant. Also for this project, in connection with the extension of the term of construction and installation works, the project start-up period was postponed from 2017 to 2018.

Investments in fixed assets was amounted 241.5 billion tenge or 106.5% in the corresponding period of 2016.

The volume of construction works was amounted to 72.1 billion tenge or 110.8% to the corresponding period of 2016.

Put into service 612.3 thousand square meters of houses or 112.6% in the corresponding period in 2016.

The volume of gross agricultural was amounted 86.1 billion tenge or 104.1% in the corresponding period of 2016.

During the reporting period were produced 35.0 thousand tons of livestock and poultry meat, milk (cow) - 84.7 thousand tons, eggs - 6.7 million or 102.6%, 101.3% and 118.1% in the corresponding period in 2016.

Transport. For january-december of 2017, as comparing to the corresponding period of 2016, the volume of freight traffic increased by 0.2% and amounted to 104.5 million tons of cargo. The volume of cargo turnover increased by 0.1% and amounted to 13 898.3 million tkm.

367.5 million passengers or 100.1% in the corresponding period of 2016 were transported by the region's motor transport. Passenger turnover for this period increased by 9.0% and reached 6,528.7 million pkm.

Social sphere. The unemployment rate was 4.8% (for the 3rd quarter of 2017).

The employment of 23,357, including 13,987 steady jobs, 13323 people at the expense of local budgets, 6,323 paid public works, 1,803 youth practices, and 1,244 social work places people were provided.

In january-december 2017, 13,105 new jobs were created, including 11,561 steady jobs.

The average monthly nominal wage per employee for january-september of 2017 was 121 111 tenge, which is 4.4% more than the corresponding period in 2016.

The consumer price index in december 2017 by december 2016 amounted to 106.6%, including 106.6% for food products, 108.9% for non-food products, and 104.4% for paid services.

Taxes and budget. The state budget received 104,672.4 million tenge of taxes and other mandatory payments, or 102.7% of the forecast. In particular, 59,048 million tenge (101.7% of the forecast) was received by the republican budget, and the local budget 45,624.4 million tenge (104.1% to the forecast) .

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